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Re: Most annoying Starfleet munchkin

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Icheb. Seriously, Borg babies?!?!
Borg babies have been around since the Borg were introduced in Q Who.
As a plot device. Icheb and company gave Voyager more of a Saturday morning cartoon spin off feel than it had already. I was waiting for the crossover with Muppet Babies.
True, I can understand Icheb though, but the other Borg kids either should have been killed in the first episode of their appearance or leave the ship earlier because there really wasn't any use for them. Since I've watched mostly Voyager, I'll vote on Icheb because he seems to go the route of Wesley and the actor isn't any better. However, I can't say anything for Wesley because I haven't seen TNG as much.

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Wes was annoying but cute, Jake was hot and not annoying, he had really good stories with the exception of that one where the woman was suckin the writer energy out of his brain.
Agreed. ...and Spike needs to show more DS9!
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