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Re: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland first pictures

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I wonder if the Jabberwockey will be in this...?
"Jabberwocky" was the name of the poem. The beastie is actually called "The Jabberwock".

And technically, the poem appeared in the sequel story "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There", but BOTH stories have been sort of "squished" together in most screen adaptations of the books, especially Disney's where only ELEMENTS of the stories bear any similarity to the Carroll books. The actual biting political satire and some of the more subtle references to "higher consciousness" from within unconsciousness are lost entirely in the versions made for children.
Oh, I know its "Jabberwock" and not "Jabberwockey", but I think the latter sounds better.

...and I don't give a damn if it just a poem in a later book or not, I want a big freaky monster!
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