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Re: True Blood 1x4 "Escape From Dragon House" - Spoilers

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Vampires can be photographed. Remember Sam watched the video of the girl having sex with one.
Jason watched.

Also, Nan Flanagan was shown on Real Time. The promo documentaries (True Lines?) they showed before the series started had a few people coming up to Bill and asking to take pix with him.

I thought the cop situation was handled better here than in the book, since this cop was real. And pissed his pants. lol

This week's episode was more playful fun than anything else. We have an introduction to Erik, and could he have been more underwhelming? Pam was completely wrong, also. Most things I've been ok with, but those two are essential to this series, and they're completely ... wrong.

Jason getting his V Juice, that's comedy folks. LaFayette warned him, take one drop, two at the most, and he takes the whole thing ... and then won't fess up, even with the prospect of losing his boy bits.

Getting blisters ... freaking hilarious there.

And much more insight into this Tara's background, her childhood, and Jason being her protector. We now have an explanation as to why she's gaga over him, and it fits in perfectly with this character. That tough, sassy exterior isn't her at all. It's a persona she's adopted to keep people away. She won't dare let anyone get close enough to really know her. Some interesting changes there.
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