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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

My canon? Jack Kirby created the Fourth World and I never left it. That is a canon in and of itself and introducing Superman was cool for continuity but breaking Darkseid and tht New Gods into the DC universe and distorting OMAC were just 'not happens' in my book.

I always believed that the modern Marvel is a continuation of the revolution Chris Clairemont produced at the X-Men end of things. I read any and every in that era following the unbelievable Days Of Future Past #141-142. Excalibur, New Mutants(have them all) and just about everything to the Holographic Covers series. After that-realized how much I was spending, quit buying except for rare occaisions and kinda watched. It got stupid for a while. Then it got interesting and I almost started buying but I can't quit out of Clairemont's vision of the mutant purge.

Suggestions for something to track down?

The Dark Knight just gets darker until he is(twenty years ahead), he is actually a criminal. Loved the irony of Batman being a criminal. Frank Miller's future path was cool.
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