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Re: Quinto And Burk On 'Reframed' 'Star Trek'

We keep hearing that this movie isn't being made for Star Trek fans, but rather for the public at large.

Yet, all of this secrecy is the type of thing that studios normally look to avoid when it comes to their movies. The more publicity the better.

Once again, the ONLY buzz that has been around this movie has been on Star Trek boards. And, that buzz has been extremely monotonous.

If this movie is as close to being done as they claim it is, they would be revving up the hype machine for this $150m movie and never let up until it was released.

I know I tend to be a cynic. But, more often than not, if somebody wants to avoid telling me about something until the very last minute, it's because they think there's something about it I won't like.

Nobody every waits to tell people something good.
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