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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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One of those arms looks like the cockpit of the millennium falcon ...

I think maybe he over anthropomorphized that.
I agree he over-anthropomorphized it. An odd number of eye stalks and limbs and less literal human hands would have helped. I can see where you see the Falcon cockpit, but that's just an accident of finger position. heheh

I've got the new Ken Adam book on order, maybe there are sketches of his that we can compare and contrast after the book ships (in a week or two, if lucky.)
Are you getting the UK edition? I notice it's not due to ship here until later this year.
My wife ordered it through domestic amazon, not the UK one, and even so it apparently mails out this week. So I dunno, I'm just greedily awaiting! Bond sites have noted already seeing the book in shrinkwrap on sale in the UK.
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