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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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Hmm, I'm sure the Breen would counter with the fact that Cardassia had joined the Dominion and it was perfectly fine for Weyoun the Changeling to do that.
Which Dukat did illegitimately, without the approval of the Detapa Council or any other government entity. Dukat was essentially a pirate at the time, NOT a legitimate Cardassian representative.
Of course, the problem there is talking about who holds legitimate governance on Cardassia -- who holds legitimacy with the populace? It's like trying to figure out who the real leader of Lebanon is right now.
Well, Dukat and his Dominion allies certainly had a honeymoon after their coup d'etat, culminating in their taking of DS9/Terak Nor - but it seems that the Cardies started falling out of love with the Dominion soon after they started losing. Which, of course, was then followed by the Dominion starting to take their frustrations out on the Cardassians themselves.
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