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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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I like the continuous play upon Cardassian heat/cold sensitivity-it adds a believability to the characters that was only hinted at in DS9. Great character development and a continuously fascinating plot!
Thanks! Glad you're liking the plot so far! Things are about to get stranger here, though...and with these next few segments, I intend to let you guys stew over each of them for awhile before I post the next.

The temperature sensitivity is actually very easy for me to do, as something of a cold-blooded creature myself. I've had hypothermia just from surgery where I wasn't even knocked out, and I remember how that felt--even with the sedative in my system, that fear that if the surgery didn't end in time I'd just freeze. When you rely that much on the outer environment, that's a very small, lonely, vulnerable feeling when you're in a place that's taking all your warmth away.
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