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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

In comics, I've come to favor history over continuity. I'll enjoy back issues or reprints of whatever comics I like, without regard to what the last umpteen creative teams have wrought, or whether or not they're considered to have happened in whatever passes for the current "continuity".

Not to pick on anyone, because I honestly can't remember who it was, but I remember a poster saying that he wasn't going to see Iron Man because of how Civil War had tarnished the character (pardon the unintended double entendre). That's just madness--the character's been around in the comics for 45 years, and the movie is a fresh new take on the character that takes place in a new continuity. The controversial choices of one group of umpteenth-generation hacks shouldn't affect your enjoyment of everyone else's contributions to the character.

My interest in Marvel drops off substantially about the time of Secret Wars. My interest in DC goes into the mid-to-late-90s. I liked the intention behind the Crisis, but a lack of central editorial control caused post-Crisis DC continuity to become an incomprehensible mess.
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