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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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^As Geordi's little virus idea in "I Borg" was never actually tested, there's no way to know whether it would have been completely effectively, partially effective, or in fact completely useless.
Assuming that it would work...well, you know what they say about assumptions...
Borg #1: "What's this?"
Borg #2: "It's a shape."
Borg #1: "But it's a paradox, that shape can't exist in nature."
Borg #2: "You're right... Deleted as irrelevant."
Borg #1: "Cool. Wanna go assimilate some stuff?"
I always thought this idea was stupid and predicated on the belief that the Borg were completely retarded.

From what I remember, the shape was so complicated that the Borg would have a really difficult time figuring it out, and would dedicate all of the collective's resources to figuring it out, rendering them neutralized?

WTF? This is worse than Kirk talking a computer to death with a logic loop.

Correct me if I'm wrong or if there are details I'm not remembering that would make this idea more viable.
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