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Re: What the continuity nazis have wrought

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Good job the internet wasn't around when Malory or White started playing about with the Arthur legend, wha'?

God's Teeth, that heathen Mallory has seen fit to combine the Sword In The Stone with Mighty Excalibur itself! Tis not done in this way. Not ever. They be two separate weapons, that mark off parts and parcels of Arthur's growth as a liege-lord. Mallory is no more in the Book Of Life, may he burn for five days before Judgement and then ever after.

And to Burgundian Templar : No, fool, Geoffrey Of Monmouth did not do the exact same thing. I suppose such as ye would be happy with combining Excalibur with Jason's Fleece and Thor's Hammer! Some of us like the legends told as they were meant.

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