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Re: TRIP/MICHAEL/CONNOR: You're All We Think About

I like Trip's expression in that picture. Here's some Stargate Atlantis news about Stargate Atlantis living on as movies on the Sci-fi channel. At the same time Stargate Atlantis will continue to live on Sci-Fi Channel as a television movie,which will air on Sci-fi channel and could be shown during the Universe mid-season break according to Multichannel news. That means there will be plenty of Stargate on Sci-fi channel throughout 2009 and evrn more coming soon to a dvd store near you. Brad Wright co-creator of SG1 said that there will be more movie based on the franchise and expected to include Amanda Tapping who is to debut in her sci-fi channel series Sanctuary.The Final episdoes of Strgate Atlantis will is expected later this yera on sci-fi channel. They're alaso going to air on Sunday night the direct todvd movies Ark of Truth and Continuum.beginning this spring and could complement the release of the new series Stargate Universe.Which may come out in July.
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