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Re: New Trek Descriptions in PB Spring '09 Catalog Desiny/Post De Spoi

In my day job, I work with the text cited in the original post. That text is how Pocket's sales department represents the books. (Though occasionally with more spelling errors -- I received the promo text for A Singular Destiny on Thursday, and it was riddled with the kind of errors a capuchin monkey on crack would have made. There was also an additional phrase that the character was "a hero in the 'Jack Ryan' mold.") It's frustrating to me to know that Pocket wants me to misrepresent their books. Frankly, if I get the text cited above for Full Circle -- which both Marco and Kirsten have said is incorrect, and based on past experience I have no reason to think I won't receive it in about a month's time -- I'll probably make something absurd up that bears no relation to the book. "Pregnant with Chakotay's child and mourning his untimely death from an accidental autoerotic death, Janeway resigns from Starfleet and joins an intergalactic circus to find new meaning in her life. But when ghosts of the past surface, Janeway must call upon Tom Paris and the crew of the USS Voyager to deliver blow-bubbles to the Klingons lest a new interstellar war threaten." It needs some work, but it's a start.
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