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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

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Fantastic Four: Franklin and Valeria's ages are more consistent and don't make me feel like Peter Parker and Bobby Drake should be fifty.
Power Pack : Franklin and Valeria travel with the Powers to Disneyland. There Julie discovers a Skrull who tried to replace her, but got messed up with the Hollywood lifestyle, aged forward, started going to college and really thinks she is Julie Power. Alex spends a year's salary from odd jobs buying his sibs the best souvenirs, to make up for being a creepy 'unwanted toucher' when he stole their powers in New Warriors.

Werewolf By Night : Jack slowly reveals to his 'niece', the Vampire By Night, that she is in fact a brainwashed Lissa Russell, his sister, who is way too young to have an adult daughter, since she would have given birth when Peter Parker was in grade school, and Reed was only on his fifth degree.
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