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Re: Comics Continuity #2 - Spider-Man

My least favorite bit about the Mephisto reset is it seems so against the defining trait of Spider-Man, "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" In his origin, Spidey made a bad choice and it lead to his Uncle Ben's death. So flash forward and Peter Parker makes a bad mistake by unmasking and that leads to Aunt May being shot. But instead of dealing with it, he gives up on his goddamn marriage and makes a deal with THE DEVIL?! THE FUCKING DEVIL?!

That's the character I've been reading about for the last 20 years of my life? Things get tough so he pushes a reset button? Wouldn't Aunt May WANT him to choose his wife over her? Would Wolverine do that, would Daredevil or Batman? I liked to THINK those characters would just deal with it, and find a way to move on. Aunt May's lead a very long life, y'know, giving up your marriage so she can make a few more batches of wheatcakes is stupid... I haven't picked up a 616 Spider-Man comic since, I don't know this character, I don't care to. Ultimate Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man for me.
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