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Re: Ghostbusters update

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Wow, this thing may actually happen.
WOW IS RIGHT! I never imagined him to be nostalgic for Ghostbusters. More than nostalgic but enthusiastic about doing another one. With that being the case he NEEDS to be a central character in the film. I have no problem with new Ghostbusters. But it would be a waste of Bill Murray to have him in the film and not use him to the fullest.

I could envision that Venkman used his involvement with the Ghostbusters to be become a full out celebrity. After the events of Ghostbusters II Ray,Egon, and Winston did franchise the business. Peter milks his connection and continues to collect a paycheck. But has no interest in ghostbusting. But a new generation of Ghostbusters perceive him as an expert on the supernatural and a heroic figure. When the main crisis of the plot happens these new guys demand that their hero return to active duty. Ray and Egon try to lower their expectations. There could be some conflict when they meet the real Peter Venkman.

All of this of course is informed by real life. How Ghostbusters made Bill Murray an icon to a generation. But he long has had ambivalence towards it. But we would see Venkman, like Murray himself, come to embrace it.

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