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Hurt/Heal Game: Best DS9 Episode: Grand Final



1st: City on the Edge of Forever
2nd: Journey to Babel
3rd: Balance of Terror
4th: Mirror, Mirror
5th: The Doomsday Machine
6th: Amok Time
7th: The Devil in the Dark
8th: Where No Man Has Gone Before


(Voting still open)


(Voting on Season 7)

Enterprise :

1st: The Forge
2nd: Awakening
3rd: Kir'Shara
4th: The Andorian Incident
5th: Countdown
6th: Carbon Creek
7th: The Expanse
8th: In a Mirror Darkly Part One

__________________________________________________ _______

The Rules
  • Each episode starts on 10 points.
  • 1 Vote every calender day per member.
  • On each vote you must both:
  • Heal your favorite episode + 1
  • Hurt your least favorite episode -2
  • You cannot hurt without healing or vice versa
  • Once an episode reaches zero it's out
  • Episodes are ranked in order of elimination
  • Please indicate which episodes you have hurt and healed
  • The Top 8 will go against The Top 8 from the other series over in General Trek - TBC
__________________________________________________ _______

Its the top 5 from each season


S1 Duet 10
S1 Emissary 10
S1 In the Hands of the Prophets 10
S1 Captive Pursuit 10
S1 Progress 10
S2 The Wire 10
S2 The Jem'Hadar 10
S2 Crossover 10
S2 Necessary Evil 10
S2 Whispers 10
S3 Improbable Cause 10
S3 The Die is Cast 10
S3 Visionary 10
S3 Defiant 10
S3 The Adversary 10
S4 The Visitor 10
S4 The Way of the Warrior 10
S4 Our Man Bashir 10
S4 Hard Time 10
S4 Little Green Men 10
S5 Call to Arms 10
S5 By Inferno's Light 10
S5 In Purgatory's Shadow 10
S5 Trials and Tribble-ations 10
S5 For the Uniform 10
S6 In the Pale Moonlight 10
S6 Far Beyond the Stars 10
S6 Sacrifice of Angels 10
S6 Favor the Bold 10
S6 The Magnificent Ferengi 10
S7 The Changing Face of Evil 10
S7 What You Leave Behind 10
S7 The Dogs of War 10
S7 The Siege of AR-558 10
S7 Treachery, Faith and the Great River 10
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