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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

Some things people haven't touched:

- Nightcrawler's father is still unknown and it is still ambiguous if Mystique is his mother.
- Cannonball and Husk don't have an emo brother
- Vulcan died at birth, thus Corsair is still alive and there is no Shi'Ar civil war
- Lockheed isn't part of the damn SWORD organization
- Wolverine is not a mutated wolverine (yes! That is what they wanted as part of his origin story before the original origin story came out!)

Spider - Man
- Brand New Day did not happen
- Max Gargan is still the Scorpion
- Eddie Brock is not some emancipated anti - Venom

I'll think of others...


- Jason Todd DEAD
- No Hush
- Susan Dibby didn't die in some weird jealous rage thing
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