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Re: What the continuity nazis have wrought

But they haven't really changed the essence of it, though, have they? Abin Sur crashes and is dying, tells Ring, "Get me a guy who's honest and without fear", Ring produces Hal Jordan, etc. etc. etc. They're changing the specifics a little, but no more so than Giffen/Priest/et. al. did 20 years ago with Emerald Dawn...

Honestly, I don't mind a little reworking of the fine details as long as the broad strokes are there. Kal-El is rocketed to Earth from a doomed planet, Bruce Wayne sees his parents gunned down before his eyes, Hal Jordan gets zapped into the desert to get a magic ring from a dying space-patrolman, Barry Allen gets hit by lightning and chemicals in a police lab.... I mean, each one of those stories has been retold a dozen times with little small changes, but the Main Thing is always there. I guess that's what's important to me.

Good job the internet wasn't around when Malory or White started playing about with the Arthur legend, wha'?
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