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Pegg On Scotty and Secrecy

Simon Pegg was so concerned with maintaining the secrecy of Star Trek XI, he wouldn't give fans a preview of Scotty's accent.

As reported by Sci Fi Pulse, worries about getting in trouble with Paramount kept Pegg from giving fans a sample of the Scottish accent used to portray Scotty in Star Trek XI. "I canít do that," he said, when asked to do the accent. "Because Iíll be sued in the face. That means Paramount will sue my ass off, where my head should be."

Explaining the security concerning Star Trek XI, Pegg said, "We're so gagged by Paramount, willingly so. We're not supposed to talk about it. J.J. Abrams is the director. He doesn't want to spoil anything about it."

The secrecy meant being literally hidden when traveling. "So when we were filming it, we used to go from set to the studio in covered-like cloaks in golf buggies covered in cloth so people couldnít see you."

In spite of the secrecy, Pegg spoke a little about how he approached the role of Scotty. "I am Scottish," he said. "I tried to approach it like James Doohan did when he got the part, which is say 'Ok the guy is Scottish. He works in space.' I didnít try and do an impression of James Doohan."

Having Montgomery Scott be Scottish was a good call in Pegg's opinion. "...its right that he's Scottish as well," said Pegg. "Because the Scottish came up with all those amazing engineering inventions. So heís the 'uber Scott.'"

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