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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan went insane. Parallax was his new identity, not some sort of fear demon. Because that's stupid.

New X-Men: Never happened. Kurt Busiek got the book rather then Grant Morrison. Scott and Jean are happily married and have a few kids by now. Magneto was never a drug addict. Beast is still the happy-go-lucky intellectual we all know and love and is married to Trish Tilby. The only interaction he has with cats is his pet tabby. Emma Frost sold the team out to some bad guy and Wolverine gutted her like a fish for it. Colossus is still dead and Kitty Pride has moved on with her life. The Stepford Cockoo's were aborted at birth. Wolverine: Origin never happened and Logan still has that sense of mystery about him that made him interesting.

Batman: Bruce never had a kid in anyway shape or form. Jason Todd never came back. Nightwing was never raped by Tarantula. Catwoman was never mind-wiped by the JLA. Tim Drake's dad is alive. Spoiler was never killed off in such a stupid fashion. "Batman R.I.P." was actually good, and not some typical and cliche Morrison allegory about how drugs are awesome which he tries to do every time he thinks people aren't paying attention.. The Dark Knight Returns is pure satire. Huntress has her old outfit. Dick and Babs did get married. Harvey Dent is still Two-Face. "The Killing Joke's" origin tale is still ambiguous.

The Flash: Zoom killed Wally's kids and they never came back. Wally West is the one, true Flash. Fuck you Didio.

Captain America: Bucky is still dead and Steve Rogers literally dodged a bullet.

The Punisher: MAX is continuity. So Nick Fury did fuck every hooker in New York. Because he's that awesome.

The Avengers: Scarlet Witch never went insane and half the good characters were never killed off and replaced by shitty D-Leaguers.

Nextwave: Not only continuity, but still in print.

Spider-man: JMS never happened.
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