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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

The crisis never happened. Nor did anything that came after it. In fact, nothing after 1986 ever happened.

Wolverine's claws are entirely implants. Clark Kent of Earth 1 remains a bachelor. So does Peter Parker. Helena Wayne is the Huntress. Neither Betty Ross nor Susan Storm Richards (the Invisible Girl) is a scientist. Captain America and Iron Man have secret identities. The Beast is not a cat. He is an Avenger. Spiderman and Wolverine are not Avengers. Reed Richards, Iron Man and others never conspired to deprive other heroes of their civil rights. Luke Cage wears silk shirts and has an afro. So does Black Lightning. Alicia Masters was never a slut. Neither was Gwen Stacy. Ollie, Hal, Barry and Kal-L never died. Superman never grew out his hair and becamse a self-absorbed pussy.
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