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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

Spider-Man : Loki, who owes Spidey a favor for saving a favored daughter of his, moves time back to the unmasking and prevents it. A bitter Tony decides to out Peter anyway, but a clumsy resistance attack interrupts. It is so clumsy, in fact, that Steve Rogers demands a meeting and tells Tony of Hill's extreme ultimatum. Peter never crosses over, but warns Tony that, if there's a war, he will do just that. As the deal-maker, Peter both moves into a super-role in the MU but retains the ability to go to the streets. Of course, this only makes his life more complicated...

The Comic-Book Writers : Odin's wife Frigga visits them and tells them, as goddess of marriage, not to hate and fear it so much for their characters. All goes well until Kevin Smith's pal Jason Mewes hits on her.
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