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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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I've felt the same way, actually. I always wondered if it was because we primarily saw Starfleet humans, who seem to be born and bred Federation policy regurgitators and non-Starfleet humans show a wider range of responses to Federation laws and policies. In the same way that Sisko's dad refused the blood screenings in Paradise Lost when all the Starfleet characters go along with it without blinking.
And even when someone DOES show a different reaction, they seem to be looked at as kind of a throwback or superstitious or whatever.
Eddington kinda had a point didn't he? "You're just like the Borg, only more insidious"
I think that's what made him an interesting character - he was a character who turned away from the Federation ideals without appearing (to the audience at least) a nutjob or an idiot. In fact, at least in For the Uniform, he seems to ahve it together more than Sisko does. His references to Les Miserables in that episode are not misplaced, imho.
I agree about Sisko coming unhinged in that episode. How was it that he didn't get court martialed out of Starfleet for unleashing a WMD on a planet?! I mean, yeah, Eddington did it, too, but Sisko supposedly had a higher ideal to uphold. What's principled about what he did?
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