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Re: Bungie cryptically announces its next HALO project!

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Age of Empires 3 has sold more then 2 million copies, that's great numbers. As far as I know that number doesn't include the expansion packs.
Ensemble were expecting rather more than that, AOE3 sales were disappointing. For my part, as a fan of AOE/AOK/AOM, I couldn't have cared less about AOE3. Muskets? Railroads? Colonisation of the Americas? Fuck off, I'll stick with my Trebuchets.
I don't know if they would consider that disapointing. I'm sure it made money for Ensemble.

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Age of Empires 3 has sold more then 2 million copies, that's great numbers.
Sure, those are great numbers ... but Age of Empires 3 came out, what, three years ago? PC game sales haven't exactly been stellar since then.
That's true. But their final game is a Halo console spinoff is pretty much guaranteed to sell well and make a lot of money. It's too bad they aren't getting a chance at making AoE4, I was interested in seeing how the series would do with modern warfare.

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Console games can barely handle 32 player servers. We're going to see that new stupidly named "Massive Action Game" on the PS3 try to do 100 players but we'll see if that actually pans out.

The big problem is communication. Even with 24 players, DICE couldn't figure out how to do team wide communication in Battlefield Bad Company because of lag. And even if they could work it out, imagine 99 other Halo 3 players in a single room. It would be a chorus of 13 year olds calling you a nigger or a fag. Fun times.
I have a feeling that MAG isn't going to be that game's final name (I've even heard rumors it's a Socom spinoff).

To be fair PS3 games use dedicated servers far more often then Xbox games do, so I'm willing to bet they will be able to pull off 100 players with dedicated servers.

Communication can be an issue, though I imagine if handled correctly it will work. Only allow people near you be able to hear you (and if it's a squad based game also allow people to talk to their squad, and squad leaders be able to talk to each other). Of course games should always include private friends channels to allow friends to talk to each other without anyone else interrupting.

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