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Re: Smallville 8-2 "Plastique" - Discuss/Grade <Spoiler>

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Puh-leeze people.

The solution to this problem is so obvious. This is a wholly separate version of Superman. Just call this world Earth-CW and bear in mind that this world's Superman will have to wear a mask when he is in uniform. It will likely look very much like Warrior Angel's. Yes, I remember Clark saying he doesn't like masks. But that doesn't change the reality of his situation. Unless he suddenly develops the power of mass hypnosis and alters the perceptions of everyone he has ever met to believe he has always worn glasses. And even then, with all the times that Clark has been in newspapers sans glasses his cover would get blown pretty quickly. A mask added to the Superman costume is the easiest way out.
That still doesn't change the fact that post-One More Day, people in the Marvel Universe seemingly can't read newspapers. All Clark has to do is make a deal with Neron!
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