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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

Spoilers ahead!

I finished it this morning! I'm impressed with how thoroughly character focused the book is, considering the bombastic world changing hype of a story that it is... Loved the Enterprise chunks. Especially the hostage taking sequence near the end there. That was epic! I could of done with a bit more Choudhoury... but I understand that there's not room for everyone to have tons of material dedicated to their favourite character. And I really enjoyed the material that I got. As long as her threads will continue throughout the next books!

And kudos for making me think I knew what was going to happen, then throwing a twist on it as well! I thought I had predicted what was going to happen in the Enterprise thread, and it sort of started to happen that way, but then everything went totally kablooie and razy, and I ended up sort of being right, but being totally shocked at the same time. Twas quite cool.
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