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Re: Comics Continuity #2 - Spider-Man

I too love Secret Invasion and GL and GLC and hate Final Crisis; and until recently I was solely a DC fan! While I haven't read any Spidey lately (well I just started the JMS trades), this whole MJ redact is just utterly horrible to me.

Here's a fun way to look at it... each comic issue takes place roughly over 1-2 days. Therefore, Superman's 800 issues of continuity only equal 800-1600 days. That only equals 2-4 years. Don't they generally say that Superman et al have only been active for like 5-10 years?

I mean after all, how much time passes in each individual issue? Maybe 2 days, usually. How much time passes between issues? None. There's always a cliffhanger. Therefore the month between each publication doesn't count.
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