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Re: TRIP/MICHAEL/CONNOR: You're All We Think About

The E-2 and Twilight episodes are mentioned with clips from the episodes nothing new was shown. Mike Sussman and Manny Cotto mentioned changes that were made to the shows the scripts were originally written for Voyager and scrapped and then re written for Enterprise. they mentioned E-2 Had scenes that were filmed and scraaped the deleted scenes we saw on the season 3 dvds and The extra scene with Malcolm Hoshi, and Travis discusses who they married. Manny fought to have that scene kept in the show.And mentions Malcolm eneded being a bachelor in E-2's time and theat he needs to change and ask a cute girl if he can eat with her. the only new fooftage was from In a mirror darkly and interviewsthat were from other casts from the other series was taken from the other dvds.And was put on these dvds. they did have new interviews with the Tng writers and ds9, Voyager, and Enterprise.I don't know why they were available on the Enterprise dvd season 4 set as extras.Sue you can find more info about them at I didn't mean to upset anyone when I mentioned the dvds.
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