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Re: WARP derived from known physics

I am truly bored talking about me and sure you have all sorts of insights into warp theory that would be much more interesting.
"Unlike those with autism, people with AS are not usually withdrawn around others; they approach others, even if awkwardly, for example by engaging in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic while being oblivious to the listener's feelings or reactions, such as signs of boredom or haste to leave" - Section 2 Social Disorder.

I hate to attack you personally however the problem is obvious. You do not posses the social skills to have a conversation with 99% of the population. Your rantings have been nothing short of one sided, and further more you have been ignoring most of what we've been saying here. We have tried to give our two cents but it's clear that you don't want to hear it. As far as alpha dog, I only see you trying to have the last word and it seems to be only your "axioms" that are the correct way to go. This community has rejected your theory. Clean it up and make more sense and we'll be happy to review it again.
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