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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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The European Championships to expand from 16 finalists to 24.

Whilst this is good from an England/home nations POV, it does somewhat devalue the whole qualifying format. Any half decent team will now coast to qualification making the whole process less competitive. The next step will probably be the top 24 nations just deciding to cut everyone else adrift and scrapping qualification completely!

I see that the French FA are also pitching a 'six nations' tournament, featuring France, England, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain. Sounds interesting, and a good foil and justification for England not entering the Celtic Cup.
I hate the idea and I bet after a few of these new EURO's we see another change back down. I don't see how it will work, 4 groups of 6 with only 2 going through is stupid...or 6 groups of 4 with 6 winners and 2 best runners up (EVEN STUPIDER).

This is only happening because ENG failed to qualify and UEFA loss out on huge amount of money plus other bigger nations are struggling more and more to qualify so ENG might not be the only big loss in future EURO's.

When I want FIFA to butt there noses in then never do.
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