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Re: Comics Continuity #2 - Spider-Man

I've struggled along. Some of the new villains are interesting (Eddie Brock as the Anti-Venom, Menace, Freak) and others aren't (No, Kraven's daughter is no more interesting that her father was).

I'm not against putting Spidey's powers back to normal at all (no more organic webbing, no more stingers, no more telepathy with spiders) either.

It's just that it would be nice if they decided what has stuck and what has not. Spidey clearly remembers being part of the Civil War, he clearly remembers switching sides. He still hid out occasionally with the other New Avengers at the Sanctum Sanctorum and later the apartment Iron Fist found for them.

The whole thing starts unravel if you look in to it too closely. If he remembers the Civil War does that mean Stark still took him to Washington ? What about Gabriel and Sarah Stacy ? They can't say that MJ and Peter never getting married would have had an effect on Gwen and Norman Osborn's "encounter".
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