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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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We rarely got to see a credible dissent within the Federation, either. Most of the time, the dissenters were shown as loony or violent. (Alixis, Eddington, Cartwright, Section 31, need I continue?) To see someone fundamentally disagree with Federation policy and be taken seriously as a character--that's not something I think I ever saw. You never saw a conservative that was treated as anything but a stumbling block, a blockhead, or an enemy: kind of the Cardassian problem in inverse. And THAT is pretty chilling considering the Federation was supposed to be a democracy.
I've felt the same way, actually. I always wondered if it was because we primarily saw Starfleet humans, who seem to be born and bred Federation policy regurgitators and non-Starfleet humans show a wider range of responses to Federation laws and policies. In the same way that Sisko's dad refused the blood screenings in Paradise Lost when all the Starfleet characters go along with it without blinking.
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