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Re: New Trek Descriptions in PB Spring '09 Catalog Desiny/Post De Spoi

I am very much aware of it that also these descriptions are preliminary and subject to change but nevertheless, I find them very interesting to read. Therefore, thank you for posting them!

It seems in the age of the Internet these descriptions leak out one way or the other. Also, these preliminary descriptions are often used at Amazon and probably not only there without telling anybody that they are not the final version. I think keeping that in mind it is a good idea to post them here too where people can see what description is the right one at the end and how reliable and accurate the preliminary ones actually are.

On top of that, me personally, I like speculating and find it interesting to compare later between the final version and the early one.

I don`t know if that would help but why not start each description in this catalogue with something like “This is a preliminary description and subject to change”. When these catalogues and individual texts start circulating there is a better chance that this information is distributed with the text and not lost. I think it would also help when writing these texts to think about it not only how attractive it is to booksellers but also already to fans who buy them.

Looking at these preliminary texts, the ones I don`t find appealing are for “Full Circle” and “Treason”. As some people already said, I am also not in favour of another jump forward in time. I also don`t find the topic of what is going on in the Thallonian Protectorate after Si Cwan`s murder that interesting. I already felt that way when reading the comic “Turnaround”. Although Robin Lefler improved she is still one of my least favourite characters in NF.

But the description for “A Singular Destiny” is already making me very curious and I am now even more looking forward to that book. I wonder what species Sonek Pran is. It sounds Bajoran to me.
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