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Re: Books on Talaxians and Ferengi

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The novel you were thinking of is The 34th Rule, and it was coauthored by David R. George III and Armin Shimerman, the latter being the guy who played Quark.

I also recommend Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Volume 3, which contains two short novels, one of which is a Ferenginar tale by me called Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed.

In addition, David A. McIntee will have a novella in next year's Seven Deadly Sins entitled "Reservoir Ferengi." That'll be out in August.

I just finished Worlds of Star Trek: Volume 2. I learned alot about Trill and I thought the book was amazing. I have Volume 3 and I am so stoked you have a short novel in there. I am going to go start that right now. As for Seven Deadly Sins, I am going to pre-order that now. Ferengi are hands down my favorite race. The Ferengi in DS9 were very well written.
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