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Re: Borg or Dominion??

The Founders technology is practically the same as the Federations.
Their genetic manipulation tech is probably also on the level of the Feds, but the main difference is, the Founders USE it to their advantage for creation of super-soldiers while the Feds do not.
The Founders would probably rank as 'amateurs' when compared to 8472 in genetic manipulation technologies.

One other thing ... yes the Borg were in a losing battle, BUT we don't know if they would have lost for certain.
There is a possibility they would be able to adapt on their own (at least to the weapons partially) given enough time or just as the end grew near.
8472 is essentially what the Federation was to the Borg when they first encountered them ... only much more technologically/biologically developed with a higher resistance quotient when it comes to assimilation.
Give it time and the Borg will find a way around that.
Dominion technology is superior to Federation technology and is very different. That was evident in the Dominion War and numerous episodes where Dominion soldiers couldn't repair Federation technology ("One Little Ship") and the Feds couldn't understand Dominion technology prior to "The Ship."

Where is it stated that Species 8472 are experts in genetic manipulation?

It was explicity said on screen by B'Elanna "What the Borg cannot assimiliate they cannot understand" when the crew was analyzing how they were getting steamrolled so easily. The war had been going on for 5 months, not 5 days, or 5 hours.. and the Borg had no answer to it. Memory Alpha explicitly states:

"Moreover, since the Borg learned about different species solely by means of assimilation; they were unable to understand or adapt to Species 8472's technology."

If the Founders engineered the Vorta to be immune to all forms of toxins, surely they can engineer them to eradicate all foreign substances (which is toxins, correct?) if they aren't already immune, rendering Borg nanoprobes useless. In a head on conflict, which is what this thread is asking the borg lose... Why?
  1. What they can't assimilate, they can't understand, adapt to, or analyze.
  2. Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered. They can be modified to be immune to assimilation, but I'm quite sure that they are already. Why would the Founders create a species that can get "sick (meaning invaded by foreign bodies because thats what sickness is)?" They don't sleep, they don't regenerate, they don't eat... so why would they be in danger of assimilation?
  3. Changeling infiltration.... forgot about that? Changeling poses as a drone and does what it has to do.
  4. The Collective is one mind. A single virus will affect the entire species. Remember that GENETICALLY ENGINEERED Teplan Blight that was modified to ONLY affect the Teplans? Yeah, they are mediocre at genetic engineering...
  5. Uh... Jem'Hadar shroud. All of them.
  6. Jem'Hadar don't have to use phasers like the other weak humaniods. They have swords and are several times stronger than humans.
  7. Jem'Hadar are grown in hatcheries, Borg need to assimilate to grow, otherwise their stuck in maturation champers. Jem'Hadar take 3 days to mature, Borg drones take about 25 days(reference: "Drone").
  8. The Dominion build ships faster than any known species.
  9. Prepare for ramming speed.
Yeah so I'm definately favoring the Dominion in a head to head duel to the death.
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