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Re: What the continuity nazis have wrought

Both of those spun out of Thomas and Englehart's decision in the early 70s to explain Lee's Cap stories in the late 40s and early 50s, which Lee himself had just ignored; with 50s Cap there was an actual interesting story behind it.

Thomas' explanation for the 40s Cap stories (that two other guys secretly assumed the mantle to avoid bad PR when the war was nearly ending) had an interesting effect on the mythos, as it created a kind of schism; it's usually written as Lee originally wrote in in Avengers #4, when everybody was clearly aware that Steve had vanished in 1944, and other times (generally when they're explicitly involved as a story element) the Thomas retcon is used.

Regarding continuity, a lot of this stuff wouldn't be included in a streamlined telling, but in the broad universe of the comics it adds purely more stories; I remember Dan Slott writing in one of his She-Hulk comics about how all this history is valuable.
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