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Re: Lost SPOILERS Frozen Donkey Wheel!

It’s been a busy few days for the “LOST” crew. This morning, they turned up in the heart of downtown Honolulu, taking over Alakea Street near South King St. — an immensely busy intersection. On the scene were Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, and their respective cars (the classic Ford Bronco and the stylish silver Volvo).

Jack gets out of his truck and crosses the street to Kate, sitting in her car. He kneels at her window, and they have a long conversation. Suddenly, Jack rises to his feet, and after a few more words, darts around the front of her car and jumps in the passenger seat. The pair then speed away.

Later in the day they moved everything up the street, and up 16 floors, inside 1100 Alakea Plaza. No clue what was filmed behind closed doors, but at least one tenant thinks they saw Michael Emerson.

More photos from this shoot hereand a video here. Special thanks to Brian, Kelly, and Howard for their tips!

Yesterday, “LOST” was running two units at disparate location shoots.

First, they took over the Pacific Marina Inn off Lagoon Drive, right in the flight path of Honolulu International Airport.

It was a rainy morning, but they brought their rain trucks anyway, allowing them to conjure a downpour on cue. It was another Jack and Kate scene, but mum’s the word on what happens at this motel… or where the motel’s located.

Meanwhile, on Queen Street, they filmed at the Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company building.

This distinctive, historic red brick building previously hosted “LOST” as the loft Charlie shared with his brother Liam, but I’m pretty sure the structure was playing another time and place. A green screen was set up on the sidewalk fronting the building, which means the scene could’ve been anywhere. My guess? London.

Henry Ian Cusick was on the set.

Photos from both of yesterday’s locations here

I have some nice exclusive spoilers for you all today from one of my new sources called Kronos and deals with the recent Desmond, Penny and Ben filming.

1) For this episode there are no main flashbacks or flashforwards, and it is very linear like a normal television episode.
2) Desmond and Penny have been flying under the radar for awhile and they're having a kid.
3) They move around every few months and in this episode they are in a city named Mati.
4) Ben is hot on their trail.
5) Ben Tortures someone from the Widmore Group
6) We find out that there are a handful of Dharma stations located throughout the world. They are not just on the island.

Source: Kronos@DarkUFO

"Now I'll return the favor with another one of my phenomenally successful multiple choice quizzes, this time pertaining to the fate of a certain MIA island on Lost. We will come to learn that one of the following is true in Lost's fifth season premiere.
A. The Island moved forward in time.
B. The Island moved backward in time.
C. The Island did not move in time, but it did move in space -- to another location on the planet.
D. The Island did not move in time or space -- it's still there, but Dharma tech renders it invisible to the naked eye."

Source: EW

Question: Thanks for the interview with Emilie de Ravin, but do you know for SURE that Claire will be back for Lost's sixth and final season? I'm suspicious. -- Devon

Ausiello: I was too, but then I asked executive producer Carlton Cuse and he put my mind at ease. "Claire is a wonderful part of the show and the audience can rest assured that they will see [her] again on Lost," Cuse told me Sunday night at the Governor's Ball. "It's just all part of Damon and my grand plan for how the story is going to be best told. And we don't want someone to be on the show and not be serviced well. The story that we're telling this year is going in some other directions, but we'll circle back around to include Emilie we think in a very exciting way."


Posted By: The ODI

I am not reading this one as it reveals some major plot points, but here goes:

Ok, so the episode is all about Desmond, Penny, and Ben. There are no flashbacks or flashforwards, and it is very linear like a normal television episode. Desmond and Penny have been flying under the radar for awhile and they having a kid. They move around every few months and in this episode they are in a city named Mati.

I'll try and keep this in order.

Here are the scenes and the general background for this episode.

Penny and Desmond are living a wonderful life. Desmond wants to have a kid, Penny is uncertain. She doesn't want to raise a kid and live a nomadic lifestyle going from town to town running from their past.

Penny learns she is pregnant. Doctor gives her warnings, Desmond's sperm showed abnormalities that she could not comprehend. Scenes were filmed at a local dentists office.

Ben is hot on their trail.

Desmond buys a gun from a street dealer.

Ben and Desmond play cat and mouse in several scenes. Desmond saves Penny. Ben is angry, and lost in the world.

Ben travels to North Africa.

Brace yourself for a big spoiler

There are a handful of Dharma stations located throughout the world. They are not just on the island.

One of the stations is located in the mountains somewhere in North Africa. Ben tracks Widmore's security chief to this station. Ben tortures the man for a very long time, the man finally reveals Penny's location which is Mati.

Ben finds Penny and Desmond in Mati. Ben knocks out a cook at a crappy oceanfront restaurant. Ben poisons Penny's food.

Ben sees that Penny is pregnant. He had no idea. Ben stops the waiter from delivering the food. His quest for vengeance is apparently over for now.

Penny and Desmond are docked at the Mati harbor. Penny is having extreme pain. Desmond rushes to a nearbye village to get a doctor.

Desmond and the Doctor rush back to the boat. Desmond sees Ben on his knees crying in an alley.

Desmond and the village doctor head inside the boat. Penny is in grave condition. The doctor is clueless as to why. Penny delivers the kid, and the doctor tells Desmond to take the boat to a near-bye coastal village.

We watched as the actor playing Desmond runs from the village and he's having some sort of crazy body spasms and it was hilarious to watch this actor do this over, and over, and over. Can't explain the whole body spasms part, you have any ideas?

I think I might have made a mistake about saying it's a linear episode. I think after the Ukoa pond scenes, something happens to Desmond and he starts bending time again or traveling back in time
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