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Re: What the continuity nazis have wrought

Bad Bishop wrote: View Post
DC doesn't even have to invoke multiple universes in order to explain every single event that doesn't line up right. Instead, years later, they simply ignore crap that doesn't make sense.
And I honestly think that's right approach. Just tell a story. It doesn't have to match every detail of a story told 70 years ago (or two years ago).

Bad Bishop wrote: View Post
And that's why Selina Kyle (Catwoman) was never a prostitute.
Fucking Miller.

Hawkman fans, you go first.

Norrin Radd wrote: View Post
I used to be a continuity freak but now I say screw it... all you need is to get the essence of the character right and good things will follow...

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

This happened decades ago. The 50s Cap appeared in 1970s and the second Skull in the 80s. Sudden would be a bit of an exaggeration.
Just a way of talking. I was reading the article re the red skull and the absolute absurdity of it overwhelmed me. I couldn't even bear to dig into the part about Spiderman's parents. I'll happily live in ignorance on that count.
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