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Re: Greater than the Sum - What do I need to know?

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I am reading through Resistance right now... I've read the first 4 chapters
Well I hope I didn't just spoil anything for you!
No, you didn't. Your opinion generally matched what I found when I read the reviews of Resistance on Amazon as well. But I wanted to press on a finish the book, because I have this sickness that only allows me to read books in chronological order. I know, its weird.... and sometimes I do stray from it, for instance I am now reading Death in Winter after finishing Resistance, but for the most part, I read them in order.

However, I must say, that all those writing bad reviews on Resistance are quite wrong. This was a great book. It isn't the best TNG novel I have ever read, but it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone was saying. It held true to the TNG storyline and has some nice plot twists that keep you hooked all the way through. I was also reading very quickly towards the end of the book during all the action, so it did well at keeping my interest.
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