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Re: The Professional Wrestling Thread - SPOILERS

^The way Shelton Benjamin is treated is a disgrace. He should be a main eventer. Instead, they've just aborted his push again by making him job to Ron Killings last week.

I like Koslov a lot. He's not your stereotypical big man. I wouldn't have had him act like so much of a heel, though.

I can't see Hardy or HBK winning either title at No Mercy. I can see Jericho holding on maybe as far as Wrestlemania before it changes hands again - with maybe Batista picking it up. I like the idea of Batista always coming within inches of the gold but always having someone else screw it up for him.

The ECW title will stay firmly around Matt Hardy's waist for a long time.

Santino is a joke but he's comedy gold. I sincerely hope he is not going to hold the Intercontinential title for as long as Honky Tonk Man did.
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