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Re: What the continuity nazis have wrought

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In 1953, a Communist agent...assumed the identity of the Red Skull, pretending that he was the original.... During the 1950s, he faced the then active version of Captain America who was also using the identity of Steve Rogers, pretending to be the original.
Jesus Hubert Christ. In order to explain away failures in continuity that occurred decades later, and that, really, don't matter worth a goddamn, comics spend more time trying to appease nit-picking comic book guys than they do actually telling stories!!
Where one writer in the 1950s writes a captain america story featuring the red skull, and another 30 years later writes one that doesn't quite jibe, suddenly we have to explain that both the main characters of the first story weren't those characters at all!!
Marvel should've just said "fuck it" and awarded a no-prize to the most creative non-canonical fan explanation and brazenly gotten on with the business of telling Captain America stories!

Horseshit like this is why I miss the elegance of the DC Multiverse.
This happened decades ago. The 50s Cap appeared in 1970s and the second Skull in the 80s. Sudden would be a bit of an exaggeration. The 50s Cap gave us a good story. Commie Red Skull, not so much.
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