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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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Ok, so this is a trilogy which of course means there are three Destiny books in total, correct?
Correct. Your grasp of the obvious is impressive and inspiring.

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Obviously the first book Gods of Night is now available but has anyone seen, read or reviewed either of the next two books yet?
Advance copies of all three books (in page-proof form) were provided to several readers/reviewers: Robert Lyons at; Jeff Ayers at; Paul Simpson at Star Trek Magazine; Steve Roby; and the eponymous reviewer of

So far, reviews have been posted only for book one; to minimize the risk of spoilers for readers who acquire the book later than others, reviews of the later books in the trilogy, Mere Mortals and Lost Souls, are being held back until October and November, respectively.

However, the initial feedback that I've heard via my editor is that more than a few of these individuals, having now read the entire trilogy, are even more laudatory in their reviews of the latter volumes than of the first, which so far has received a glowing critical response.

Will the readership at large enjoy them as much or more? That remains to be seen. And, as with all such matters, readers' reactions will be entirely subjective. What one loves another will despise.

As Billy Pilgrim would say, "So it goes."
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