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Re: WARP derived from known physics


This is a forum.

This thread has received many well considered responses.
It has received only one response worthy of calling it such and the rest is crap. That one response starts off assuming that I am ignorant and moves to inform me of shit i already knew. Then 15 people drive the thread off topic to tell me how much they think I'm lame.

Crap. I'd do better with a group of first graders.

Don't confuse getting served the hard word with any particular malice on anyone's part. That's just part of the game around here.
Frankly, the alpha dog king of the hill game gets entirely too much
air time compared to solving the problems. I'm not interested in all of that BS, I'm interested in how to make a workign model. anybody who doesn't share that interest should stay off the thread, not use it a vehicle to prop up their diseased egos.

The more you get people's backs up and diverge from orthodox thought on a given subject, the more you get at least some in the audience going "hmmm...".
Hmmm is great. Starting half a dozen threads on this board and not getting a single useful response because everybodies either too busy playing at pack psychology or nobody answers? Thats not hmm, thats FAIL.

Revolutions have started that way, even if the trekbbs boards might not seem the most fertile ground for such at times.
There lies the tragedy. All of these great minds and all they can seem to do with them is constantly work out whos on top.

The cheering section for the keen insights of others aren't amongst the most prolific posters on these boards.
I'm not looking for cheering, just adults who are interested in warp speed
and how to obtain it, instead of juveniles who need to cyclically prove how much better they are than the next easy target.

Seemingly grudging acknowledgment that you may have a point should be deemed high praise. Just have fun with whatever you get back and remember that an entertainment franchise is in fact at the core of things in this neck of the woods.
I can't imagine how you or anybody would think that this is fun, that I have gotten back anything, or that this isn't a total waste of time.

Many here have put together a somewhat personalized model of how trek tech works as seen on screen, and this tends to be associated with varying degrees of emotional investment
Which is all fine and good until somebody sits down given what we know of physics and tries to figure it out rationally. Then that person is mocked, ignored, and told that hes being an idiot.
Which is a crying shame, because its an interesting high order problem,
and doing it justice on this board would have been a worthy conversation.

Once again...have fun.
I'm not having fun. Then Again, everything i ever try to do with humans to have fun pretty much ends up the same way.
please come help get us into space for real!!
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