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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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I love the XB-70 Valkyrie's design, and have several books on it.

On the other hand, while there's a similarity, I have to question the veracity of the statement that the "source of the Enterprise redesign was inspired by" it. Is there factual information to back this up, or is it just logical supposition? I hate to be hard-nosed about this, but I'm trying to get the record straight here (as much as possible), and this project has enough myth and supposition around it without adding to it, so, if you've got a source, I'd love to hear it.
Even those six impulse engines and the elongated dorsal don't convince you?

I admit I should have stated it better, but since Ralph McQuarrie's early works were largely aircraft paintings might I dare suggest contacting the source?
Yes, the phrasing was the problem. It's one thing to say "the similiarities and McQuarrie's aviation art background make a strong circumstantial case that this might have influenced the ship's design" and saying "the source of the Enterprise redesign was inspired by North American Aviation's XB-70 Valkyire". Some will take the latter statement as factual, when it's (logical) supposition, and there's already far too much supposition in film history and about Planet of the Titans already. That's why I'm being so hard-nosed in this thread about sources. Nothing personal.

I'll try contacting McQuarrie again, but I already tried that in the past and never got a reply from his people (someone I know who sent copies of material in for the Art of book says Ralph doesn't do email). But I'll take another shot.
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