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Re: Renaissance class U.S.S. Aries

About what? Picard in the final timeline never heard about any survivors to the E-C debacle. All he knew was that the ship had been lost fighting the Romulans - a bit of information that would easily have reached him because the loss had been at a Klingon colony, and Klingons were allies. Perhaps Romulans in that battle conquered and annexed Khitomer, making it difficult to get information out later on, but we never quite learn this, and it wouldn't affect matters much anyway.
From the script for "Redemption, Pt. II":

GUINAN: How much do you know about what happened to the last ship
named Enterprise?

PICARD: The Enterprise C? It was the battle of Narendra
Three...while defending a Klingon outpost from the Romulans.

GUINAN: And... the survivors?

PICARD: There were stories... that there might have been prisoners,
taken back to Romulus. But those were just rumors.
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