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Re: Your Favorite ST Love Story!

Odo/Kira was the only one that I could take seriously, because it was literally gradually developed over years.

And Quark/ Natima Lang, which I could take seriously because the writers had the wisdom to give them a past relationship, off-screen, that was very well sold by Shimerman's immaculate acting. This went a long way to helping disguise that it was just another lame 'formula episode.'

Other than that, he "love interest of the week" episodes where the characters meet for the first time and the start of the episode, fall in love with around 20 minutes in, then the love interest is either dead or brainwashed or transported away by the end of the episode is just way too hokey, unbelievable & cliched for me to take seriously, thus all of them stick out to me as really bad 'formula episodes'.
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