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Re: House 5x02: "Not Cancer" - Discussion and Spoilers

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This was definitely one of the grossest episodes to date. Ewwwww...
I'm glad someone else said that too, because I was wondering if I had just missed a beat or something. There seemed to a higher "gross out" factor than I recall form most of the previous season.

Great medical mystery, but I'm not terrible keen on House's new friend. The sooner the status quo is reset with Wilson, the better.
The PI-Friend seems like a capable replacement if it's not for too long. We get a bit of the type of exchange there would have been with Wilson, while we're waiting for the writers to bring back Wilson regularly.

Just please ... may they not do so in some cliche fashion, though. There has to be some long-running and lingering effect.

One question ...... this episode seemed to have less of the usual House ascerbic wit than usual. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't find as many of the sharoly launched barbs I've come to love.
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