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Re: Clay Aiken is Gay

File this one under "So the fuck what?"

I honestly tried to come up with some sort of logical explanation why you, Babaganoosh, thought that posting "Clay Aiken is gay. Discuss" was going to do anything other than inspire the hate-mongering from the anti-gay idiots, thread bombs from the too-cool-to-care crowd, or anything else not conducive to relevant discussion. Even better that such a thread would devolve into the sarcastic repetition of inane facts just to point out how inane this thread really is.

Then I reminded myself of two things.

1) This isn't a discussion or debate. Its a sad, pathetic commentary on the era in which we live because there are still people out there who believe that this kind of news warrants some kind of controversy.

2) Inane fact: Babaganoosh is an idiot.
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