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Re: Picard's 'middle' years

So it's just as well I didn't reference the Pathfinder in TBA.
Oh, you could have written six and a half paragraphs on how Picard and Maisel liked to privately call their ship the Pathfinder, say, because of their longstanding argument of whether they were achieving anything new and worthwhile with her.

Uhh, you're cherry-picking my words and twisting the meaning. The key word isn't "passionate," it's "xenophile." My point is that Riker was someone who was drawn to the alien, who rejoiced in diversity. He's the last person who'd be prone to vehement anti-alien sentiment.
Sorry - I only wanted to point out that a xenophile would indeed be prime material for a xenophobe. Riker wouldnt' be afraid, in the PC sense, to say what he thinks about aliens, in good and bad alike. He certainly spat on quite a few species during his seven TNG years.

But one might argue that he did that in good nature. Insulting a Romulan or a Klingon might be what these folks expect and look forward to, after all - and Riker did well in that respect in "A Matter of Honor". And preempting a Ferengi's attempts at swindling would only tell the Ferengi that this particular customer knew his stuff and was forthright with his knowledge: trademarks of a customer you could rely on, and of an idiot who just volunteered a valuable ace out of his sleeve and would thus be all that more attractive a customer...

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